Comedor is Spanish for the dining room/dining room table. La Casa Del Camino is a historic Spanish Revival 1930’s iconic property in Laguna Beach. At the core of the concept, lays the importance of the dining room, and its role throughout time of bringing people together.
The dining room table has always been a place throughout time as a connection and emphasis on what matters most, family + friends. 
Comedor is your dining room and an experience that evokes the nostalgia and familiarity a dining room gathering with your friends and family is all about. The dining room has always served as a focal point of connectivity and love of food.
Bringing people together around the dining room table to nourish our bodies and souls. Food is the great connector, something we all have in common. Nostalgia, family, community, in every culture.

Sea food Restaurant

A place to dine

Special Dishes

Introducing traditional Spanish/California style tapas and technical entrees, all with our own elevated & modern twist. Desserts range from fresh to decadent, while our signature cocktails are sure to stop the show.

Bringing people together


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1289 S. Coast Hwy.
Laguna Beach, 92651
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